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If you’ve been visiting our site lately you will likely notice that our online store is being turned into a catalog of our products. This change in direction has come about mainly in order to keep our loyal dealers happy. For the foreseeable future you will want to contact a Division Point dealer near you to purchase future projects.


Thanks for visiting Division Point and letting us know how to better serve you. We’ve been listening to our fans as well as our dealers and will continue working to make our site more user friendly and informative!

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Welcome to the new and still evolving Division Point web site! We’re happy to have you join us here and share our passion for high quality brass model trains.

For many years we’ve worked hard to bring you the highest quality models available at select dealers around the world. Now you will be able to shop with our dealers or buy directly from Division Point.

We appreciate your business and share your love for high quality brass trains!

Jack Vansworth

….Hot off the Wire 1.11.16

1/11/16   ……..Hot off the Wire Please read the “PS” under the “East Wind” project………. The latest shipment of RS-2 and -3’s is in….!   Please check out the photos on the website.   We have done quite a few in the... read more

Hot off the Wire……20 Nov 15

……..Hot off the Wire Well it’s been a while since I have communicated via a “Hot”……This is what’s new We have several projects either underway or close to completion. 1) Second Run of RS-2/3’s are being painted now! I expect to see them in the next 30 days. They will... read more

Hot Off The Wire, 11 July 2015

I have been kicking around this idea since I brought in the first brass import that was equipped with DCC in the ‘90s. I guess some of you remember the FM H24-66 “Trainmasters” I did back then. They were the first….but the pilot model came in,…. ran backwards and the... read more

Jack's Corner Shop

From time to time the President of Division Point, Jack Vansworth may sell items from his personal collection or rare left over models from production runs.  Find them within our new online shop here!

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What Our Customers are Saying

My love for trains spans decades but it wasn’t until getting my grandkids involved with model railroading that my own love was sparked.  Thanks to Division Point I have a hobby and a collection I enjoy immensely.  Thank you!

Henry T.


These brass trains keep me out of trouble, or so my wife says!  They might not be cheap but you definitely get what you pay for.  Thank you for your attention to detail Jack.  I look forward to your future models.

Roger B.

Retired Engineer

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