Howdy sports fans….been on a short va-cay to Michigan to see the family…beautiful up north. Neat little branch of the C&O that ran up through Traverse City and on to Northport and Leland….had a cool little tourist setup there for a few years back in the 80’s, but like everywhere, interest in Railroads is waning. It’s our job to keep it alive through modeling!! To wit:

OK, I heard you! I will finally get DP numbers and descriptions up this week for the next few projects. That would include the RS/RSD now due in September, the HW/LT WT passenger cars, the E/F unit mixed project, the Chessie Steam Turbine, the short re run of the Jawn Henry….and maybe even the Phoebe Snow/Eire Limited. Whew…I’m going to be busy!

I have been over most of these projects with you in past “Hots…”, so most will be familiar when the DP numbers come out. I am really looking forward to doing the Big “E’s”, and especially the early E’s from EA to E-5. The later will be done as a separate project after the bulk of the E 6-9 come in. I mentioned that Paul Lubliner is helping with the nose contours of these really cool early E engines, and turns out, they have never been modeled accurately! I’ll get up the nose mockups of these models in the next “Hot..” so you can see what I mean. BTW, I have added a few more late “E” types to the mix including some Espee derivatives, so stay tuned for the particulars.

Boo-Rimm is finally ramping up to include Division Point models again, and our first from him will be either the Jawn Henry or the “4-8-4 RI/Soo Project” My long time friend has been busy building for other importers, but we are back on the schedule now. Some people don’t know that Se Ho and I have the longest ongoing relationship as Builder/Importer on record in Korea. He has been building steam and special projects for me since the C&O K-1 2-8-2 way back in 1997! Most other manufacturers have either gone out of business or reorganized during that time….and there are more than a few importers that have done the same. Thanks Se-Ho for over 20 years of accurate, quality models!

Some of you have seen and purchased from “Jacks Corner” on the website (thank you), and I just got my first order from so called “stock items” on the website! exciting…but…be advised, the website is sorely out of date when it comes to “stock”. In fact, we have none! So if you see something “instock” now…best call and see if it really is. This goes back to my problem of being a “one man band”. I’m not going to whine about that again except to say I’m looking for help…both in model research and day to day grunt work. So if you want to get onboard, call me and grab an oar! You will NOT get rich…but you might have some fun and get a perk or 2 on the way.

“RUBBER SCALER”….most who have been MRRers for awhile know that almost all of us suffer from this malady! I am the poster boy for this and so (again) I have changed up and gotten back into the scale that started me in the business….Sn3! The reason I mention this is to tell you that “NO” I will not be building in Sn3, PBL does a great job at that…but I might be interested in taking your (select) Sn3 items in trade for Division Point offerings. I am mainly looking for geared stuff, Shays, Climax’s and Heisler’s, but let me know what you have.

A further on “Jacks Corner”…I will have additional items listed in the coming weeks. Some really nice and rare items. These are available direct from the website, and you can check out in the web store via Paypal or CC if you like. These are usually “one offs”, and are first come first served…so stay tuned. Due to the rarity of most of the items, there are no “blue plate specials”, but if your a multiple buyer I am sure we can come to terms.

PS Rio Grande fans take note. Since I am in the “hotbed” of the “Grande” here in CO, I have added a few more cars to the “Prospector” run. Namely the 48 and 50 seat “5 stripe” Chair cars with clerestory roof, and the rebuilt NP Chair cars that ended up on the Ski Trains. I am also adding a few more head end cars to the mix…but that info and DP numbers will be in the order sheets I promised you.

Cheers Guys and Gals…have a great summer! Jack

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