Well the Winter has come and gone, and it’s been great here in God’s country for the past month. Lots has been happening over in S. Korea with my builders…so here’s the latest.
Krauss-Maffei’s are in the paint shop and should be coming out shortly. I’m sure you saw the pilot model on the website…they did a great job on these beauties, and they did it in record time! I am hoping to keep this momentum going with the next projects in the hopper. The RS/RSD project is coming along nicely, and I have some photos from the pilot (production) sample to show you today. They made the AT&SF version of the RSD as the “sample”, and i think you’ll agree….it’s a beauty! Pardon my poor photography skills, the photos are a bit dark…but then again this is a Black engine!

Steam wise, the P-2/P-3 project is now off the back burner and into the production stage. I expect these models to arrive the first of next year along with the D&FW/CB&Q/C&S heavy Pacific’s, just in time for the Coach Yard “Texas Zephyr”…what a cool train! Our diesel builder will also have the “E” unit project well under way by that time with the FW&D/CB&Q and C&S Stainless E-5’s coming. This was the power for the T Zephyr from Denver to Ft. Worth. Then the big Pacific’s took over for the turn around to Dallas while the diesels were serviced.

On the “Special Collectors” side of the business….we will have the GM “E-4’s” that were displayed at the 1939/40 Worlds Fair in NYC. I’ll have photos of these models up shortly as I have obtained the permission to show some exclusive photos of the display. Pretty cool as GM took off the side panels on these “E”‘s so you could see the “innerds” and the mechanics of the unit (first the A, then the B). What I didn’t realize is that the show was a success the first year, but bombed the second because of the beginning of WW II. Anyway, these will be done in the 2 beautiful paint jobs on display and come in a laser engraved wood box like my old special projects. This will be a very limited set…so if you want one, put your “dib’s” in now.(do people still say “Dib’s”??)

Passenger cars: Yup, we got ‘um, and they are being built as we speak. Smooth side cars for the D&RGW,IC,NYC,PM, and many more roads, along with a colorful assortment of Heavy Weight cars (mostly Pullmans) for the same roads. NH fans will be happy with our Diners in 2 flavors and some Pullmans for the road. Will be out early next year…or maybe this??

I want to get this posted with the photos of the RSD, so I’ll cut it short here. Have a great week. I will be back in Seoul about the 3rd week in May, so I’ll try and get off one more update between then and now…..Do savadaniya! Ciao Jack

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