Howdy Fella’s and Gal’s, just a short note today as I get ready to make the trip to Korea….yet again! I guess many of you don’t know that I have been doing this for about 20 years! I still get modelers that have never heard of “The Division Point”??!! We started importing way back in about 1997….in “O” scale believe it or not! You can look through the archives on this website to find some of the offerings over the last 20. With the help of quite a few of you out there in the modeling community, I believe we have fielded some of the finest models around……and we are certainly aren’t finished yet! Since I am putting the finishing touches on a few projects, I thought I’d take a minute and outline them.

First out of the box will be the Krauss-Maffei Diesel Hydraulics of the first generation. The pilot model will be ready for me when I get to Seoul, and the production following in April. At present we are sold out, but I am taking backup orders. If your lucky enough to own one from our first run done about 10 years ago….this run has some differences from those models for almost all of the types we are offering….including the never before wreck/rebuild of the #9021. That engine (ex Rio Grande) burnt up on a grade shortly after getting sold to the Espee. It was rebuilt using the SP’s version of the air filtration system….but kept the Rio Grande headlight package. #9103 was really unique….and we only did 10 models! We did it with the SP plow and the “short” wings on the bloody Nose paint job….very cool model. Pickup notices will go out on these later this week as we are about a month away from delivery.

Next out will be our next run of RS and RSD models. There are some unique beasts in this run also! Never before done EJ&E RS-3’s in Green/Orange, N&W with the correct extended Cab and script lettering which has never been done properly, PRR with “trainfone” antenna which is a new model for us, Cotten Belt/SP with the very first “Black Widow” paint scheme, and the RSD’s for CNJ, Pennsy, AT&SF, and SP. The SP offerings will include the large barrel type Mars Light, or small signal light with paint jobs to include Black Window, Bloody Nose, Tiger Stripe and Halloween schemes. I have a few left for a few roads, so check your dealer and order up…they are almost gone.

Our next 2 steam projects are underway finally this year, and will be finalized on this trip. The 4-8-4 Project to include Rock Island and SOO Line should be here by years end. I have started work on the FW&D/CB&Q/C&S Heavy Pacifics (and cabooses as well!) for the Texas Zephyr coming out this year from our buddies at Coachyard. Should be great engines…more details and photos when I get back!

To go along with the Heavy Pacific, I’ll also be doing some select E units and some really neat E/F unit combinations! I have partnered with Paul Lubliner of “Highliner” kit fame, and we promise the most (and only) accurate slant nose for the E-2 through the E-9 units out there to date. As a special project, the display set of Seaboard E-4’s that were shown at the New York World’s Fair in 1939 and 1940 will be done in their special paint schemes (Cream and Stainless with a small orange stripe, then Standard Seaboard Paint scheme) will be offered as a collectors edition in a wooden laser engraved box. We are going to try to build this model complete with the prime movers lit up and displayed through the open body sides!! This should interest model railroaders as well as World’s Fair Collectors. Photos of the prototypes when I return, they are gorgeous!! Also coming will be the SP E-8’s with Plow (and ice breakers if I can find a photo) in Black Widow Paint! Very cool units that only lasted a short time in these clothes!

Also on the books, we are closing in on the AMC Light weight and Heavy Weight Pullman Project…..better know as “The Great Passenger car Project” (really!) It will include, but not be limited to, the cars of the Rio Grande Prospector/Royal Gorge/Yampa Valley Mail. Also offered will be D&H, NKP/Pere Marquet, Illinois Central, NYC, and several other roads that received these cars. The Pullmans will include a few of the Rio Grande cars painted in Grande Gold and 5 stripe, some ACL cars in Purple/Silver and some Diners for our East Coast Fans of the NH and B&M. For Pennsy “Foamers”, we have some Baggage cars coming in FOM and standard paint schemes. (Have you figured out why we are calling the “The Great Passenger car Project” yet??!!).

Rounding out this “Gaggle” are the first new Cabeese that I have done in a Loooong time. As mentioned, the FW&D/CB&Q/C&S cabs will be first. Following those, I want to do some more D&RGW Steel cabs again….and maybe some welded versions to boot. If you have some ideas, send them along and maybe we can get them done!

That’s it for this “HOT”, talk again on my return after the 11th. Good Modeling to everyone! Cheers Jack

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