Khoroshego dnya! I have news from Korea!…..but first, the Krauss-Maffei’s are here! I’m shipping this Monday. It’s too early to tell if I’ll have any spares (there are a few guys who don’t have their money in to me, and next Wednesday I will release all models not paid for). The models look fantastic and run the same. There are some never before done versions in this bunch. I did the 9021 nee 9103 with the Rio Grande nose and the SP body w/snowplow. Only 10 of these puppies out there. Also the SP version of the D&RGW engine with snow plow. Check with your dealers, they might have one left, but most were pre-ordered.

Next up from my diesel builders will the the combo E/F unit project. We have identified several railroads that used combination power in the form of a single E unit and a F unit paired to balance the horsepower required. Very cool. The SP&S had a set like this and even split the train they powered “up the line” and ran a portion with an F and the other portion with the E. Since the SP&S only had one E unit…this is one we will be doing. More info will follow on the other trains that used this combination power. Along with these units, we will also do the 1939 Worlds Fair E-4 units that eventually ended up on the Seaboard. This will be a very special Division Point Project with limited sets available in a special (hopefully) wood box with lighted interiors and small display track. I will post some photos here shortly as we actually have permission from the owners (yes Mildred…there are still very nice people willing to share out there in “railroad land”).

Steam wise the B&M P-2/P-3 project is now in progress. 5 types offered, 3 P-2’s and 2 P-3’s. Of course the P-3’s were pretty cookie cutter, so more than one number will be offered. The P-2’s were pretty unique, but the one with the plow, and the one with the tender mounted generator are in the mix. B&M freqs need not worry, the P-3 nuances will be fully covered to include different stacks, piping, handrails, headlights, domes, FWH systems, trailing trucks, tenders, tender trucks…you get the idea. I think what’s also important is that I’m looking at a “sub” $2000 retail….how “sub”, I’ll let you know.
Next up steam wise is the long awaited Northern project from Boo-Rim. We are doing the Rock “5100’s” and the Soo Line Northerns. Neat heavy power and the Soo has never been done before. Limited quantities of each available. 2 versions of each. Also coming next year are the Heavy Pacifics of the FW&D/CB&Q/C&S to marry up with the “Texas Zephyr”. More info will follow.

The “Great Passenger Train” project should arrive here in the first month of 2018. About 150 heavyweight Pullman cars of really neat railroads will arrive with about 400 “AMC” cars from Pullman. D&RGW, NKP,IC, NYC are just a few of the roads that will be offered. Trains included The D&RGW Prospector/Royal Gorge/Yampa Valley Mail.

I keep thinking we are going to slow down a bit….yeah right! Have some helpers working on the website as we speak, so I hope to eliminate some of the glitches we have been having for guys with different size screens and different levels of expertise in computer science! (like me).

Gotta get back home to continue track testing the K-M’s. RS/RSD project is “ON TRACK” to arrive early August!! Finalizing paint and lettering now, they go to paint shop in July. We will invoice for them shortly so get ready for some really nice models!
That’s it for today….Au bientot’ Jacque

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