Good morning Viet Nam!!….for all you disbelievers out there who thought I could never get out in front of a project….(myself included!) here ya go! I have wanted to do the D&RGW P-44 Pacific and K-59 Mikado for about 15 years….but we never had the orders. Now the interest is there, and we are going for it! I have actually made a spreadsheet with DP- numbers and refined the types we are offering with some Rio Grande pals in the neighborhood! This project is especially exciting to me as these engines ran up the “Big 10 Loops” about 10 miles from where I live. The Pacifics and the Mikes were used on the early “Prospector” Trains, and sometimes as backup on the later streamlined “Prospector”! The two types were also doubleheaded on the trip up the hill as far as Bond in the early dayz. I am going to attempt to paste the spreadsheet into this “Hot..” I hope to have a downloadable order sheet attached later like we used to do. Here’s a couple of ringers for you…..I am going to put together 11 special numbered and boxed sets (in a hardwood laser cut box like the old days) of the pair of Green Boilered, Tri Colored Emblem engines, #800 and #1200 (11 sets only) and the “Slant cab engines” #801 and #1205 (11 numbered sets only). I am also happy to report that the engines can be viewed by going to WWW.DRGW.NET… finally we can have some visuals for you guys. This is a great website and if you have any D&RGW photos or data..please contribute to it!

Double click on the list to blow it up to something we can all read!! To go along with these great engines, I will redeux the D&RGW wood and steel cabeese! These will be the early models with wood sashes on the steel cabs and all wood versions. Both Toilet seat and Flying Grande heralds will be available. Sorry, no DP numbers on those….I don’t move THAT fast!!

That’s all for today…stay tuned and enjoy the rest of your Summer! Arrivederci hanno una buona gionata! Ciao! Jack

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