Sona Lá Fhéile Pádraig to all our Irish buddies out there! I have just returned from the Brass Mecca of Seoul, Korea and as promised….I have news!

First up is the eminent delivery of the Krauss-Maffei Project on the 19th of April. This project started as a small re-run of the models we did about 8 years ago…but you know me, I hate to replicate anything!…. so we made them a little different! Turns out, when the Espee bought the Rio Grande engines at the end of the trial period for the Grande, they repainted them in the SP Bloody Nose scheme…..but it was different from the original scheme (of course!) The “wings under the cab window were shortened, and the width was increased. At the very end of the test on the SP, most all units were given a snowplow pilot…..and this seems to be when the “wings” changed for some units. Every photo is different from this period….so it’s something of a moving target. We have modeled the “Bloody Nose” versions this way with the shorter wings. The other anomaly is the #9021 that fried its traction motors on a trip over the hill and was rebuilt following SP practice for air filtration, but kept it’s D&RGW nose! This unit became a true diversion from the standard practice and was also given a snowplow. We did 10 of these models….and like all the rest, they are sold out. Pilot model photos soon….it’s on the way to me now. PU notices are out to the dealers.

Next are our new run of RS/RSD models from ATM. The schedule moved up to July delivery now! I am anxious to see these beauties! Some never before done models, and the ONLY correct N&W RS-3 ever done to include the extended cab of the prototype!. Also our first Pennsy prototypes (but not the last!). CNJ, Pennsy, and SP also have RSD’s coming. We are now launching into our E/F unit project with ATM. For the E units, I am excited to have Paul Lubliner working with me on getting the absolutely correct E-2/3/4/5 nose contour put on our models. There will also be some very special “Collectors” models done in special wood boxes, as we have done in the past. Standby for details on those models! We have a great assortment of F and E units to offer you, including the E’s that were paired with “F” A’s or B’s when the horsepower required did not call for 2 E units. These special E/F sets will be done for the SP&S, MP, KCS, T&P. I will also do the only New Haven E unit ever painted in McGinnis Paint scheme! Included are the beautiful CB&Q/C&S/FW&D plated E-5’s with the most accurate nose/headlight package ever modeled. I am very excited about this project, especially the mixed sets. There are some F unit ringers in thee also….the ex-Wabash N&W leased “Bluebirds”, some neat NYC pieces, D&RGW units to include (finally!) the Burnham Pilot F-9’s, and maybe even some FT’s. Going to be a great project!!

Guys, please remember….NOTHING EVER GOES OUT OF PRODUCTION AT THE DIVISION POINT! If you missed your fav RS or F unit, ORDER it from your dealer and we’ll get it next time!!

Steam wise, boo-Rim has promised the Rock/SOO 4-8-4’s for late this year, with the B&M P-3’s following that. Also, SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Boo-Rim will produce a very limited run of “Jawn Henrys” as a 3 piece set next year. These are reservation only and deposit required! I sold mine long ago, and I have a steady stream of guys wanting them. They will be pricy, but the ones on the after market are already there. Watch for details as this may be a “direct only” type of project. Let me know your wants. The unit includes the Turbine engine 6-6-6-6, a Water Treatment/Water Tender, and an Aux. Water Cistern. I will update the model with all wheel pickup (it is already AWD). Check Youtube for some action shots of this model…..awesome! It’s here:

The Great “Passenger Car Project” is now well underway with Sam Model Co. We will do the AMC Lightweight cars for the D&RGW (Prospector/Royal Gorge/Yampa Valley Mail), the NKP/Pere Marquette, IC, NYC and throw in some really neat Heavy Weight Cars from a plethora of roads based on standard Pullman designs to include the College, University, Fir, Tower and Pullman series cars. Watch for a full list of never produced cars in the next “Hot..”

Lastly, I have received another shipment of beautiful models on consignment and will be offering them for sale via “Jack’s Sale” on the website. I have not posted them yet, but as I get up to speed after the Korean odyssey, I promise to get them posted tout svet! Mostly passenger car sets this time, and some diesels…but some really hard to find stuff! Stay tuned!

That’s all for now, as a good friend of mine used to say “Markers…” Jack

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