I may have mentioned that I have been searching for our next passenger train project….AFTER the “Great Passenger Train Project” underway right now. (Light weight cars and Heavy weight cars). I had some really good luck as I was contacted recently by Bill Botkin who grew up around the Lackawanna (like me) and opined that it might be a great train to do! We have gotten a lot of interest in our lightweight series, especially from our Nickel Plate fans, asking if we could do the Pullman through train cars that came off the “Phoebe Snow” on the D&LW and went on to “Chi Town” as we used to call it in the “Biz” (the airline Biz at least)on the NKP. So it gave additional reason to do the train that originated these cars…..”The Phoebe Snow”. So this is your formal announcement that The Division Point will do the Phoebe Snow in 2 versions (TBD), but one early and a later EL version as it ran after the merger. It’s a great train, and has never been done….running both Budd cars for the Diner and Lounge, and ACF lightweight coaches and sleepers. There are also a couple of headend cars that are unique rebuilds of heavy weight cars used earlier and then, right to the end of service. (Just bye the bye, we are doing a Heavy weight Lackawanna Pullman in the current run of cars being built now!) So to make a long story long……you NKP guys will get your “through sleepers” and us Lackawanna fans will get a beautiful train!! Love it when a plan comes together. BTW, the ACF cars were sold off to the D&H, and the LIRR, and both will be offered to boot.

The above got me thinking about “East Coast” name trains, and since the Erie ran pretty much through my local neighborhood as a kid, I’m also going to do the “Eire Limited” in 2 tone Green, and pulled, like the Phoebe, with a pair of our new E units. Exciting times at Ridgemont High! I haven’t fully researched this train yet…and as always, I count on my “experts out there in the field with the information for us to use to make these models truly represent the prototypes. Going to throw in a few photos that we have permission for just to give you a taste of the project. I also have a link to some neat Youtube footage of the “Phoebe”, but I’m waiting permission to put it on the website.

Since we have already done the D&LW FT’s and F-3’s, I will probably do the later F-3’s that actually the Phoebe Snow unit the new E units arrived. Hell, we might even do a caboose if you guys tell me what you want…..

Anyway, enjoy the photos….all copyrighted and belonging to W.E. Botkin….so reproduce for your own use only please.

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