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In 1940, the “East Wind” train began service. The “East Wind” was a fast summer-only coach train which ran through from Washington D.C. to Bangor, Maine from 1940 to the late 1950s. The train was a joint effort, operated by the Pennsylvania, New Haven, Boston & Maine, and Maine Central. The railroads each contributed to a pool of passenger cars which were used on this train. During the East Wind’s first two seasons (1940 and 1941) the cars used were all (temporarily) painted yellow, silver, black and dark green. The Second World War brought about an end to this practice and the cars used on the post-war East Wind remained in their normal railroad colors.

We discovered this train while researching our B&M P-4 Pacific project. A number of B&M fans are helping the develop this project. The Division Point will offer this LIMITED EDITION project. Contact your dealer to reserve yours!

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1940-41 East Wind

Use of this copyrighted image granted by Mitch Markovitz for use by Jack Vansworth of Division Point.


As usual, we are indebted to those folks who publish the information and photos we need. We urge you to buy their books and photos.
  • Boston and Maine Steam, Volume 1: Class P-3, P-4, and P-5 Pacifics by Robert A. Liljestrand, David R. Sweetland (2008, Bob’s Photo)
  • “The East Wind – New England Canary” by Chuck Blardone, article in PRRTHS The Keystone, Vol. 38, No. 4 (Winter 2005), pp. 10-55.; the best overall treatment, with good EW color pix (2005, PRRHS)
  • Also, thanks to the historical societies and collectors who preserve the drawings and photos
1940-41 East Wind

1940-41 East Wind

DP-1350 SET: East Wind:  6-Car Set Pre War in Yellow :  NH Baggage Car #5577, PRR P70KR 56 Coach #4269, PRR P70KR 56-seat Coach #4270,  PRR P70KR 56-seat Coach#4271 Lighted T/gate, NH “American Flyer” Grill Car #5202, ACL Tavern-Lounge “North Carolina”

DP 1351 East Wind: NH Baggage Car #5576 Yellow

DP-1352 East Wind:  PRR _70KR 56-seat Coach #4273,#4285, #4296 Yellow
DP-1353 East Wind 2-Car Set: B&M 84 seat coach #4595 w/ Tail Gate light Yellow,  ACL 48 seat Diner “Bangor” Yellow
DP-1354 East Wind: 2-Car Set: NH 64-seat w 16-Smoke Coach #8504 Yellow, PRR PLC 70R Lounge-Cafe #1117 FOM

DP-1355 East Wind: NH “American Flyer” Grill Car #5201 Yellow
DP-1356 East Wind:  ACL  Tavern-Lounge “South Carolina” Yellow
DP-1359 East Wind:  NH 64-Seat w-16-Smoke Coach #8505 Yellow

spacer DP 1361 East Wind: NH Baggage #5576/#5577 Hunter Green spacer
spacer spacer
spacer DP 1363 East Wind:  NH “American Flyer” Grill Car #5201/#5202 Hunter Green spacer
spacer DP 1364 East Wind: ALC Tavern-Lounge “South Carolina”  Silver w Purple Letterboard spacer
spacer DP 1365 East Wind: B&M 84-Seat Coach #4598, #4613 Dark Green with dulux gold lettering spacer
spacer DP 1366 East Wind: ACL 48-Diner Non-Skirted “Portland” Dark Green spacer

1946-49 East Wind

1946-49 East Wind

DP 1370 East Wind:  6-Car Set Post-War:   PRR P70 56-Seat Coach FOM/Futura #4273, B&M 84-Seat Coach #4604/#4605 Maroon, ACL Diner-Skirted “Fort Myers” Silver/Purple Letterboard,   NH 64-Seat w 16-Smoking Coach #8511 Hunter Green w Tailgate, PRR PLC 70R Lounge-Cafe #1127 FOM/Futura,  PRR B60 w/Clerestory Roof & Wooden Doors Bag Car #6477 Tuscan

DP 1371 East Wind: PRR B60 w/Clerestory Roof Wooden Door Baggage Car #5753 Tuscan
DP 1372 East Wind: PRR P70KR  56-Seat Coach FOM/Futura #4276/#4280/#4285/#4296
DP 1374 East Wind: PRR PLC 70R Lounge-Café #1128  FOM/Futura
DP 1375 East Wind:  NH  Re-Built LW Osgood Bradley Car  #1000  Non-skirted,  Red/Black
DP 1376 East Wind:  NH HW Diner “Black KnightOrange Stripe McGinnis Herald #5241/#5244

spacer DP 1381 East Wind:  PRR B60 w/Clerestory Roof Porthole Windows #6632, #6648  Tuscan spacer
spacer DP 1382 Eastwind:  PRR P70KR   3-Stripe  w Small Skirt   #4269/#4270  Tuscan spacer
spacer DP 1383 East Wind:  NH 64/16  Coach #8529  Hunter Green spacer
spacer DP 1384 East Wind:   PRR PLC 70R Lounge-Café   w Small Skirt  #1127  Tuscan spacer
spacer DP 1386 EastWind:   NH HW Diner  Silver/ Green  Window Band #5243, #5244 spacer
spacer DP 1387 East Wind:   NH HW Diner  Silver/Orange  Window band #5242
DP 1387a East Wind:   NH HW Diner  Silver #5245, #5246
DP 1388 East Wind:  NH HW Diner Hunter Green  “Merchants Exchange”, “Gramercy Park”
DP 1389 East Wind:   B&M HW Diner Maroon  “New Hampshire”, “Vermont” , “Massachusetts”
DP 1390 East Wind:   PRR B60b FOM   Arched Roof Hi Speed truck side frames  #7458, #7461, #7871

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