After dissolving the Alco-G.E. partnership in 1954, G.E. quietly began developing it’s own line of diesel locomotives. Starting with an FA-like A-B-B-A test set (leased to the Erie, and in Erie colors), Erie #750A-D gave GE what it needed to further develop the Cooper-Bessemer diesel engines and collect the field data needed learn the rigors of locomotive road service. The lessons learned were applied to the “Universal”-series GE diesel locomotives. From 1958 bto the mid-1970s, the Universals (nicknamed “U-boats”) took General Electric to the top of the diesel locomotive heap!

Division Point is introducing an on-going project of the G.E. “U-boats”. You are well advised to contact your dealer to reserve yours!
As usual, we are indebted to those folks who publish the information and photos we need. We urge you to buy their books and photos. This time we are especially indebted to Greg McDonnell’s book mentioned below. His work has made our work much easier!

U-Boats: General Electric’s Diesel Locomotives
(1994, Stoddard/The Boston Mills Press)
New York Central’s Later Power, 1910-1968 by Alvin Stauffer, Edward L. May (1981, Alvin F. Stauffer)
Also, thanks to the historical societies and collectors who preserve the drawings and photos

12/1/2009: THE FIRST CATALOG PAGES ARE UP – U25, U28 models cataloged!

GE Models:

  • GE Model U25B four-axle 2,500-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U25C six-axle 2,500-hp HP Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U28B four-axle 2,800-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U28C six-axle 2,800-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • The Santa Fe’s U-boat CGs
  • GE Model U50 eight-axle 5,000-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U30B four-axle 3,000-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U30C six-axle 3,000-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U23B four-axle 2,250-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
  • GE Model U23C six-axle 2,250-hp Road Locomotive Catalog
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