….well it’s almost “that” time again! A Merry Christmas, Happy New Year in case I don’t get to this again until after. Thought I’d take a moment and catch you up on the upcoming year at The Division Point.

In progress right now, Boo-Rim has finally caught up with production, and is working on 2 steam projects for me. The first is the long awaited pair of 4-8-4 Northern’s for the Rock Island and Soo Line. Very cool models of late steam with all of the modern appliances you’d expect on a good Boo-Rim/Division Point piece. Apparently some don’t know that Se-Ho (Boo-Rim) and I have been friends and doing business for almost 25 years…..longer that any other US/Korean operation still in business! He has done some really beautiful stuff for me over the years, and we are still family friends to boot. Once he has a roll on the Northern’s he is starting the long awaited HOn3 K-36/37 project to finish out the “K’s” for me in HOn3. Done to the same exacting plans as PBL’s beautiful offerings, I expect them to be the same collector quality models the K-27/28 series was about 15 years ago now. In my biased mind (and others) they have never been equaled, and I expect these “K’s” to be the same. Not many coming guys, get your wants in now as I can still pick some numbers. Both projects expected in 2018.

Coming from Sammodel is a small run of D&RGW cabeese based on a long ago production by myself and Theo Berlyn called “The Joint Line”…pretty clever huh?? (I’m a legend in my own mind!!)…anyhow, I am doing some early Grande wood cabooses that have never been done before along with the stall wart “1400” series steel cabs. Of course, we are doing the one with the “clothesline antenna” in the riveted types. Quantities limited on all, due this summer.
Sammodel is also doing the Light/Heavyweight project featuring the cars of the “Prospector” (light and heavyweight), the “Expo Flyer”, along with some cars for you WP and CB&Q fans, and a bunch of cars for the early local D&RGW trains like the Yampa Vally Mail. These cars will include the really cool D&SL Mail/Baggage and round roof coach, and several of the D&RGW HW Head end cars with both clerestory and round roofs. All of this neat stuff will come in Green and Grande Gold 5 stripe. On the lightweight side, I have some cars coming for NKP, KCS and IC done to plans for the AMC cars of the “Chessie” order, post war.

Diesels….YES! Ajin putting last touches on the next run of RS/RSD models along with the DT6-6-200 Centercabs in some new flavors…all due by June next year. Also coming next year a select group of E/F units done to DVP’s exacting designs and with the help of Paul Lubliner for the nose and body contours. Going to be great models in some unusual variations!….stay tuned.

Also in the works are the D&GRW K-59 and P-44 to pull those local cars I was telling you about above! Of course, they pulled everything else the railroad had to offer during the war and post war era! Single and double headed, these engines were used until the very end of steam on the Rio Grande. Again, not many coming…..order up now, see the old “Hot” for DP-numbers. Also in the works are the Heavy Pacifics of the FW&D/C&S/CB&Q. Used to pull the “Texas Zephyr” and other trains, they did the job even after being displaced by the E-5’s, supplementing on the Ft. Worth to Dallas leg so the diesels could be serviced for the run back to Colorado. All due next year folks….

WE have a bunch of other stuff on the books, but that’s enough to digest for now!! Have a Great Holiday! Cheers Jack

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