Just want to take minute to honor the 4,200 Helicopter Pilots, Crew Chiefs and Gunners that gave it all for you in Viet Nam . The “Featured Image” today is a beautiful print from Mr. Joe Klein that was raffled off at our last reunion. I have Joe’s information here….https://joeklineart.com/products/guns-up-standard-version. He’s got some other great prints on there as well! Happy Veterans Day, and if you served….Hey! Thanks for your service!! Now lets talk about Choo Choos!

As I explained last “Hot”, I left a few dealers off of the tally sheet for this current RS/RSD project…ergo, you all get a chance to have a “re do” on your orders. As you will see in the list….not every model will be re done, and I sneaked in some new stuff too. The Big Deal is I have to get this order in to ATM yesterday so we can have it in May/June and still get the E’s and F’s done for the end of the year…..so enough said….take your best shot and order now! BTW, Double click to blow up photos or tally sheets.

Heres a couple of photos of the present run…..which shipped out of here yesterday and today.

….Still want more?? OK here’s the DT 6-6-2000 Center Cab Project…( and for you “haters”…BOTH have good DP numbers!)

Some photos of the project way back in 2004!

Whew, this was a long one! Next Hot I’ll show you my new layout!! Have a good one! Jack

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