Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy Holiday season!!

Just a short Holiday wish to all out there! Some up coming news next week on the D&RGW Caboose Project, the HOn3 K-36/37 Project, the next Passenger trains Projects, the F/E units as well as the 3rd run of RS/RSD’s. And finally, the production of the Rio Grande K-59 and P-44’s! (Hell, we might even get the mini run of Jawn Henrys in!!)

2018 will be a huge year for us here at Division Point!….stay tuned and hold on for the ride!

PS the featured image is a beautiful shot of the “Phoebe Snow” by my friend and collaborator Bill Bodkin and is copyrighted, look, don’t share. This train is next up after the Light/Heavyweight Project and will be started in 2018 along with the “Eire Limited”.

Cheers! Jack and his Elves…..

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