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Alco RS-3 in O Scale and P48!

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Great news O scalers we also support our P48 community!

The fabulous O Scale and P48 RS-3’s are ready for your reservations.

Some short facts about the project.

1)  O and P48
2)  Detail level about same as HO model including all the upgrades we did to the HO models….ie handrail brackets, walkway cutouts and separations, etc.
     a. deeper etch
     b. working cab doors
     c. Pittman motor (same as the latest OMI O scale engines)
     d. Tower drive
3)  DCC, Sound and lights a possible add on  (Factory installed TCS system)
4)  21 pin connector
5)  Headlights, markers, cab light
6)  Enhanced cab detail, paint and decals
7)  Trying for passenger and freight units, w/wo Dynamics
I will offer a menu of railroads, with favor to  those that were sold to other railroads (1 engine/2paint jobs)  Those that get the most “votes” get built.
See the product gallery for images of the amazing HO RS project the HO community is raving about. These models will meet or exceed the standard with the best models produced today.
Terms:  sorry dealers, only a “finders fee” for O scale
Price range:  $2500-$3000 without DCC/sound  (that should be able to be done for about $250.00 from the factory in the USA)
Deposit;  50% when the go ahead is given.  Model delivered within 1 year of deposit, or a performance penalty paid by factory.
I need 6-10 models for each railroad to proceed, total of 5 roads first run.  Plans are done, waiting on go ahead.
I also have planned another run of my D&RGW Steel Cabeese, and Possibly the AT&SF steel hacks, “Wig/Wag” models.
If you guys support “O” scale, “F”/”E” units could be next!
The following is a menu of roads to choose from for now:
Reading  in Green/Gold Stripes or Yellow Green  (same engine)
D&RGW in Black and Cream Corn Yellow, Body mounted filters, number on cab, or later Black/Orange Flying Grande  (same engine)
New Haven McGinnis Black/Orange, or Orange/Black  (same engine)
Great Northern or SP&S  Empire scheme/Broad stripe (same engine)
Boston&Maine  MM scheme with Black hood roof
NYC Lightning Stripe Duel service or PL&E Green/Black
Pennsy Duel service with antenna  ($50 additional for antennas)
That’s the short list, send me an order……deposits due in about a month.  I will keep you informed of the project on “Hot off the Wire”.
Cheers  Jack
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