Loyal customers, these are  what I have planned for the next projects:


1)  Early Berkshire Project                                                              2013

Lima A-1

B&A  A-1a and A-1b

B&M  T-1a and T-1b

(SP and AT&SF T-1b)



2)  Budd Streamlined Passenger Cars                                             2013

Rio Grande


(CB&Q)  maybe


3)  4-8-4 Northern Project                                                                              2013                                                    Reading T-1 (1 Type)

Reading stock  “Reading Rambles”

Reading “Freedom Train”

Reading “Chessie Special”

Rock Island R-67  “5100” series  (1 Type)

Rock Island #5100-5109

SOO Line O-1 4-8-4  (1 Type)

Post War


4)  Canadian Project                                                                         2013

CPR D-10  4-6-0  (2 Types, 3 Tenders)

CNR X-10  4-6-4T  (1 Type)

CNR K-5a  4-6-4  (2 Types)

With smoke deflectors

No smoke deflectors


5)  Articulated Project                                                                      2013

B&O EM-1 2-8-8-4

(2 types, early late)

NP Z-5 2-8-8-4

(2 types, early late)



6)  NYC Mikado 2-8-2 H-10 Project                                                            2013

NYC H-10a

NYC H-10b

P&LE H-10b

P&LE H10b with enclosed cab


7)  C&O “Chessie Steam Turbine”                                                             2013

As delivered

In Service with modified front doors


8)  Pennsylviania T-1 4-4-4-4                                                                        2014


In Service Early


In Service Late


9)  AT&SF SP UP Steam Rotary Snow Blower                                         2013

(3 Types) Operating Blade


10)  Small Beyer Garrett and 0-6-2 Steam Engines in 4mm.


This is my current plan until we get all these projects complete.  I am also going to announce the B&M P-4a and P-4b in “O” scale at 50 pieces from our HO project and see if anyone is interested.


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