(Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault St. Marie)
Class O-20
4-8-4 Northern

The Chicago Division of the SOO was an exception to the short train, light power operation of the SOO. The SOO main line ran 460 direct miles from the Twin Cities to Chicago, and SOO Mountains and Mikes were not filling the bill. As the Depression waned and traffic volume grew, the SOO in spite of financial difficulties badly needed new locomotives. Like so many other roads, the SOO looked to 4-8-4 dual-service “super-power”. In 1938, Lima delivered four 4-8-4 dual-purpose Northerns to the Soo Line. The promptly began racking up 100,000 miles a year each! With 75-inch drivers they could move passenger trains at speed and often ran fast freight twice daily between Chicago and Minneapolis. These locos were well suited to their service and location!

You know how we like Northerns, and it is about time we got around to these SOO engines. The Division Point and Boo-Rim will offer this LIMITED EDITION project all numbers of the class. With only 100 pieces to be produced, you are advised to contact your dealer to reserve yours!

As usual, we are indebted to those folks who publish the information and photos we need. We urge you to buy their books and photos.
  • The Little Jewell by Walter J. Abbey (1984, Pinon Publications, Pueblo, CO)
  • Steam Trains of the Soo by Leslie V. Suprey (1962, Steam Trains of the Soo, Fortuna, CA)
  • North American Steam Locomotives: The Northerns by Jack W. Farrell/Mike Pearsall (1975, Pacific Fast Mail, Edmonds, WA)
Lima-built (1938), Soo Line #5000-5003, Class O-20 4-8-4
black boiler, graphite smokebox, 17,500-gal/24-ton coal tender
DP-9040.00 Soo Line #5000 Class O-20 4-8-4, ca. 1950s spacer
DP-9040.01 Soo Line #5001 Class O-20 4-8-4, ca. 1950s spacer
DP-9040.02 Soo Line #5002 Class O-20 4-8-4, ca. 1950s spacer
DP-9040.03 Soo Line #5003 Class O-20 4-8-4, ca. 1950s spacer

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