OK Guys, my Bad….I missed several dealers orders for the current run of RS/RSD’s. The last 6 mo. to a year have be chaos around here trying to keep all the ducks in a row, and I didn’t get the orders recorded on the Tally sheet. The bad news is that we are sold out of everything at present.

(If you were invoiced and paid, you will receive your order as invoiced).

There is, however, good news…..I am going to make the AT&SF and SP RSD’s available for order again if you missed out on this run. We have another project due in May of next year that will include your missed orders and any new ones you might want to make. As I want to get these in the hopper soonest, you will have a week or so to reserve any model you were shorted in this run. They will be additional models of the ones done this time……and will be included with our next run models in May. So again, to be clear, if you missed AT&SF or SP RSD’s order them now with the same DP-numbers from the current list and I will have them made for May delivery (or maybe sooner).

As seems to be the normal “American Way” right now….I would love to blame this on somebody else….truth is it’s my fault and I am working hard to get the company more organized. (I can hear you laughing at that one…!!). My apologies for disappointing your/our customers.

Thanks to a sharp eyed customer that caught the fact that we had neglected to get the “F” on the correct end of the frame on several SP units….it’s been changed as has the cab for “short end first” running.

That’s it for now, I’ll be cleaning the egg off my face for a bit….Cheers Jack

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